The proposed study addresses important gaps in existing knowledge of domestic homicide and aims to learn from the experiences of families who have lost a relative to domestic homicide, victims/survivors of domestic abuse; professionals and domestic homicide reviews (DHRs) to document, analyse, map, and influence policy and practice to prevent future domestic homicides.

  • To conduct a systematic review of domestic homicide reviews internationally to build knowledge about their focus, organisation and lessons identified in order to inform future developments of DHRs.
  • To analyse all publicly available DHRs to identify possible risk and contextual factors preceding the homicides and the recommendations made in DHRs to prevent future domestic homicides.
  • To explore the journeys of victim/survivors, families and agencies in relation to high risk domestic violence and domestic homicide to ensure policy and practice is cognisant of and learns from their experiences.
  • To investigate good practice, lost opportunities for interventions and to identify areas for strengthening responses for the prevention of domestic homicides.
  • To work with key agencies to enhance policy and practice by improving methods for implementing the recommendations of domestic homicide reviews at the local level.